Mississippi Bio-remediation Test

In a nine week study, a bio-based oil absorbent, Nature’s Broom Plus, was
evaluated for its ability to stimulate the degradation of petroleum products in used motor
oil and hydraulic fluid. There were three treatments: 1) controls containing only Nature’s
Broom Plus and de-ionized water, 2) Nature’s Broom Plus contaminated with ~ 20,000
ppm of Havoline motor oil and de-ionized water and 3) Nature’s Broom Plus
contaminated with ~ 10,000 ppm of used hydraulic fluid and de-ionized water . Total
petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) analysis showed that there was a 75% degradation of the
motor oil and 67% degradation of the hydraulic fluid after 9 weeks. Bacteria counts
showed an exponential increase in all samples throughout the nine week test period.
Read More: https://www.natures-broom.com/_files/ugd/28bbe6_bf376648c9ce4b74b202793ac2ced2e3.pdf


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