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Homegrown in the Mississippi Delta

Delta Dry is the industry leader in oil absorbent technology. Providing products that are safe for the environment, easy to use, and come in a variety for every need, let us be your one stop shop for oil cleanup.

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About Delta Dry

Delta Absorbents is a biomass absorbent company. Delta developed Bio-based and sustainable absorbent products for the spill response market. These products have superior performance, are sustainable, and are more cost-effective than non-green alternatives.

Delta Absorbents are USDA Bio-Preferred products. Grown and Made in the United States, Delta Absorbents are made from US-grown agricultural and forestry recycled raw materials (The Mississippi River Delta Region is one of America’s most significant biomass feedstock sources). These biobased absorbent products are manufactured, packaged, and shipped from the US. Delta Dry absorbents contain biobased raw material tested by the USDA and certified as a Bio-Preferred Product.

Our bio-based absorbent is superior to crystalline silica-based clay “adsorbents” because our bio-based granules absorb more hydrocarbons (petroleum) than clay. Delta Dry’s bio-based absorbents contain no silica, unlike clay. Clay absorbents contain silica dust which is carcinogenic to humans and can cause health issues. Delta Absorbents can bioremediate hydrocarbons into non-toxic compounds.

Warfighter Tested

Born out of necessity, each of the sustainable, USDA Bio-Preferred Delta Dry Absorbents was created and manufactured in the historic Mississippi Delta area. Beginning with the one that started it all, Nature’s Broom, we showed the industry that there is a better choice. Delta Dry has continued to develop Dry Sweep, Absorbent Pads, pillows & weapons mats for the US Military. Working with the DoD Sustainable Technology Evaluation Team, Delta Dry Absorbents have been tested and developed by the Warfighter.

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